Safe, Reliable Equipment 

At Calibre Aviation, we use the best industry equipment available to ensure accuracy and safety, from our agricultural and lifting equipment to communication systems, tracking systems and other support equipment. 


• Isolair Seeder 
• Heli Pod 3 Spray System 
• Isolair Spray System
• Custom Lime Spreading Bucket
• Concrete Bucket 
• Isolair Fertiliser Bucket
• Ag Nav GPS 
Calibre Aviation can provide helicopters with a wide range of lifting capacities of up to 4,500 kilograms comprising of large twin turbine engine to medium single turbine engine through to the smaller single piston engine aircraft.
We offer our own fuel support:

• Kenworth T401 truck with 18000 litres capacity Jet A1 (fully dangerous goods licensed and compliant)
• IBC’s with capacities of 1500 litres Jet A1
• AVGAS trailer with 1500 litres capacity

All vehicles are equipped with PPE, first aid kits, and spill prevention/clean-up equipment. We pride ourselves in ensuring communication with aircraft and ground staff to facilitate safety and coordination of operations.
Our communication / tracking systems include:

• GRN / UHF / HF radios
• Emergency beacons 
• GPS navigational equipment
• Mobile satellite phone / 3G mobile phone
• Satellite tracking (Spidertrack and TracPlus in aircraft)
• Fire and Marine Park radios
Other Support Equipment:

• BAMBI firefighting buckets (2 X 1500ltr; 1 X 600ltr; 1 X 400ltr)
• WATERHOG firefighting bucket (1 X 1400ltr)
• Sling load cargo nets (Sizes: 20X20 and 10X10)
• Sling load seeders (Size: 600ltr) granular encoded seed
• Pellet applicator
• Spray equipment (400ltr)
• Longlines (200ft, 100ft and 50ft lines)
• Drip torch fire lighter
• Skid litters suite AS350 squirrel
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