Putting Safety First 

Our safety management system is HART audited and meets the requirements of ISO9001-2000, as well as defining procedures to be implemented to control the quality of the services we provide to our customers.

We have implemented a quality Management System that allows our staff document control, management tools and many more features designed to reduce overhead and staff downtime.

Fundamental Beliefs

  • Safety is a core business and personal value 
  • Safety is a source of our competitive advantage 
  • We will strengthen our business by making safety excellence an integral part of all flight and ground activities 
  • We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable 
  • All levels of line management are accountable for our safety performance, starting with the managing director
Air Operators Certificate & Permits
  • Australian and International Charter & Airwork operations
  • Low level operations permit
  • Firearms carriage and discharge permits
  • Sling (dropping water / retardant, incendiaries bush fire control, seeds / fertiliser forestry purposes, oil / chemical spill dispersant, messages, food / fodder relief and general sling work)
  • Fire (lighting, spotting and fighting)
  • Spotting (marine / fish, flood / flora / fauna)
  • Agricultural operations
  • Surveying (environmental, pipeline, power line, property, geophysical)
  • Power & pipe line patrols & construction 
  • Film/photography
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