A View from Above

Aerial methods can be used to collect data on areas from an airborne platform that is not visible from the ground. This information is obtained using remote sensors including still and video cameras as well as thermal, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors.

At Calibre Aviation, our aerial team has the necessary equipment and experience to collect data from high altitudes. These geophysical surveys have geology, archaeology, mineral and energy exploration, oceanography and engineering applications.

Mine Sites

We can offer aerial sweeps to ensure your blast zone is clear for ensure adequate safety.
Power Lines
Power line surveys can be used to gather data quickly and safely. Visually surveying the lines and locating any faults from above can be useful for condition assessment purposes. Safety and quality always come first in power line surveying. 
Geophysical surveys are essential mapping tools with many applications, including evaluating resources, geothermal energy, underground storage and general geological knowledge. Geophysical surveys can quickly cover very wide areas and, by using a variety of methods, different data can be easily collected. 
For More Information 
At Calibre Aviation, we take pride in our work, and we always take the time to provide accurate mapping. To learn more about our environmental, pipeline, power line, property and geophysical surveying expertise, contact us today. 
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