Agricultural Work

Agricultural Work
Calibre Aviation offers a range of great products including Tebulex 200gr Herbicide, for control of regrowth on grazing country & fence lines, along with our adapted applicator, calibrated accurately and GPS guided.

Seeding and Spraying 

Aerial seeding is a safe, effective alternative seeding method that limits erosion hazards, air pollution and soil compaction. It’s an economical option to complete seeding, especially when wet soil conditions, rolling terrain or dense plant foliage exist. In many areas, the window of opportunity between crop harvest and the end of the growing season is very small, so aerial seeding is especially beneficial. 

By flying just above the crops being treated, ag pilots can properly spray designated areas. Aerial spraying is a safe and quick method for controlling insects, weeds and diseases that threaten crops, especially in large areas. When done correctly, aerial spraying does not create health risks for humans, pets or wildlife since only a very small amount of insecticide is used. Our aerial applicators are highly trained to use specially designed aircraft and the most up-to-date technology to ensure accurate flow control. 
Fire Lighting 
By starting a fire artificially, we can safely clear brush and old crops to make room for new growth. By setting these controlled fires, we can limit the spread, keeping your farm safe while effectively clearing the land.  
Mustering is used to gather cattle. Here in Australia, it can be a long, difficult and dangerous job without the right training and equipment. That’s where we come in. Mustering with aircraft is considerably easier. We can gather the mob for health checks and treatments, branding, shearing, marking, sale, feeding, transport or other purposes.
Aerial shooting can be useful to control predator populations that present a threat to water sources, wildlife, livestock, crop growth or humans. It’s shown to yield better results than traditional hunting, since it’s easy to track and target with an aerial view. 
Agricultural Survey 
Agricultural aircraft are specifically designed for agriculture purposes. Our aerial agriculture experts are trained, experienced and prepared to handle all of the common challenges ag aviation may present. 
For More Information 
Since there are so many large farms in the area, we have more powerful aircraft designed to complete ag work. For more information on our agricultural aviation services, contact us today. 
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